Center for Excellence in Entrepreneurship and Development, is a policy research and public advocacy center at the Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics. It provides research, for policy reforms and public advocacy to improve the ecosystem enabling entrepreneurs. It aims to serve as an inclusive forum involving academia, policy makers, markets and industry to conduct research and training activities in entrepreneurship.

deAsra Centre of Excellence in Nano entrepreneurship is established within CEED. The deAsra Center is specifically focused on strengthening the nano entrepreneurship ecosystem. It aims to conduct research, curate information, and partner with the nano entrepreneurship enablers.

The combined objectives of CEED and the deAsra Centre of Excellence in Nano Entrepreneurship are



research to identify key factors that enable the growth of entrepreneurship in India, including
the research solutions for formalizing and scaling of nano enterprises in India.



the public about challenges and find solutions to foster inclusive entrepreneurship and
democratise insight, through informative media, podcasts, workshops, and social media.



in the process of public policy making by designing solutions to bring about reforms to
remove obstacles and stimulate growth of entrepreneurship.



a supportive ecosystem for nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship to strengthen livelihood creation for inclusive economic growth.

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India's MSME universe in numbers

Micro, small and medium enterprises contribute 30% to India’s GDP. A few numbers that set the context for the importance of MSMEs in India

111 million

the number of people employed by MSMEs in India. Only 24% are women.  


of microenterprises in total registered MSMEs on Udyam Registration portal on 30th September 2021


of exports by micro enterprises in total exports by MSME sector in 2021


Only a fifth of proprietary MSMEs in India are owned by women

Sources: National Statistical Office, Ministry of MSMEs, CRISIL, PayPal

Call for Research collaborations

CEED encourages individual researchers, academic institutions, NGOs, and think-tanks to collaborate for the following activities:
1. Studies on domestic and international policies related to entrepreneurship
2. Monitoring and evaluation of government interventions and schemes
3. Knowledge sharing through podcasts and short films
4. Joint workshops, seminars, and conferences